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Arch Bishop: The Most Rev’d Howard A. Gregory

Diocesan Bishop: The Rt. Rev’d Laish Z. Boyd, B.A. D.D.

Assistant Bishop & Associate Clergy: The Most Rev’d Drexel Gomez. C.M.G., B.A. (Hons), D.D.


Assistant Bishop: The Rt. Rev’d Gilbert A. Thompson, C.M.G., Th., M.A., J.P.

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Rector: The Venerable Keith N. Cartwright M.Sc.Ed, B.A., Dip. Th.S., J.P

Assistant Curate: Deacon Howard L. Bethel


Associate Clergy: Rev’d James Moultrie, Dip. Th., B.Sc. (Hons), M.Ed., Ph. D.

Catechist: Hugh O’Brien


Organist/Director of Music: Associate Clergy: Mr.Preston Ferguson Sr.


Associate Organist: Dr. Laurent King

Sexton: Stephen Eneas